Direct Link

Direct Link is a simple Internet Payment system created for websites to connect directly with iPay88. Customers only have to enter their credit card / online banking / e-wallet details and the merchant only needs to send some details of their transaction such as unique reference number, price and description of products.

Integration with iPay88 system is needed when using Direct Link, where, iPay88 will provide an external API that will allow your website to connect to iPay88 through back-end to back-end communication via HTTPS.

For more details, please contact us at +632 5118688 / +632 5537615 or [email protected]

Direct Link Key Features

  • Real-time online payment consolidated report (Backend)
  • Transaction information is retained for more than one year
  • Comprehensive reports for financial reconciliation
  • Incorporated with Automated Fraud Screening
  • Email Alert for:
    • Success payment acknowledgement
    • Transaction cancellation / refund
    • Fraud detected
  • International Standard of Security
  • Fraud Prevention Mechanism