Email Payment

A quick and secure way to bill customers via email. Online Merchants will just email their customers a payment request (or online invoice) that they, online shoppers, can click and easily pay.

This payment feature is suitable for online retailers who are selling customized services and needs to check with their supplier on stock availability before asking their online customers to pay.

For more details, please contact us at +632 5118688 / +632 5537615 or [email protected]

How it works?

  1. Customer confirms payment for customized services or products.
  2. Online Merchants will login to iPay88 Email Payment system to create email payment,
  3. iPay88 will send an email (as online invoice) to the customer to request for payment via iPay88.
  4. Customer will click the secure payment link in the email received.
  5. Customer proceeds with online payment via iPay88.
  6. Online Merchant will receive payment notification once their customer successfully makes payment.