Integration FAQ

  1. How do I pass the parameters to iPay88?
  2. Please use HTTP POST method.

  3. What information do I provide to iPay88 before the integration of a merchant account?
  4. Please provide both the Request and Response URLs of merchant website.

  5. What are request and response URLs?
  6. Request URL is the page at merchant website that passes in iPay88 parameters to request payment page. Response URL is a page at the merchant website that accepts payment status from iPay88 after transaction.

  7. How do I perform a payment testing during the integration stage?
  8. You can use any valid credit card for integration purpose. Details required are credit card number, expiry date, CVV number and the cardholder’s name.

  9. What transaction amount do I use for payment test?
  10. Please use the following amount for the respective currency code.

    USD 1.00, PHP 15.00

  11. I get an error message and never reach iPay88 payment page?
  12. Below are the common error messages returned and its respective description:

  13. Why do I get 'The return page URL not exist' message display on web browser and did not see iPay88 payment page?
  14. Please use correct merchant code assigned to merchant and provide the Request URL to [email protected] before the integration.

  15. How do I ensure the integration is completed?
  16. a) Make sure parameters are properly passed on to iPay88 and able reach iPay88 payment page.

    b) Make sure to implement security control on merchant response page.


    - Do a re-query on payment status for successful payment transaction to double confirm.

    - Compare the Signature from iPay88 with your own.

  17. How can I change the merchant information such as URL, contact number, company name and bank account number?
  18. Please send an email to [email protected] to request for these changes.

  19. What not to do after press "Proceed Payment" button?
  20. a) Do not disconnect Internet.

    b) Do not closes web browser while transaction is being processed.

    c) Do not click the "Back" button on web browser to avoid duplicate payment.

  21. I am getting error description "Fail (Card issuing bank does not honor the transaction)" returned by iPay88, what does it mean?
  22. Please contact credit card issuer / bank to check whether the card can be used for purchases online.

  23. Is there any function from iPay88 where I can query payment status if my system did not get payment status return from iPay88?
  24. You can use iPay88 Server Requery function to query our database for transaction status. Please refer page 10 to 12 in iPay88 Technical Specification for more information about Signature for request page.